On Sunday, February 21, JQ celebrated with more than 200 community members at our 2021 JQ Virtual Impact Awards!

Our honorees enlightened us with their advocacy, allyship, and artistry that has inspired our Jewish community and made it a more inclusive, welcoming, and just place for LGBTQ+ Jews and our allies. 

“One of my biggest goals is to be as visible as I possibly can be so that no other Iranian or Jewish kid has to go through the things I went through and feel that there is no place for them in those communities… I am glad I discovered JQ at the time that I did… It gave me a sense of belonging and home that I didn’t have before, and it is literally life-changing work that is being done.” 

-The Empress Mizrahi, Matthew Nouriel

JQ Trailblazer Award

“The power of being a queer individual is that there is so much potential. There aren’t limits on what you can’t be… JQ has been able to constantly evolve and change, and meet ongoing needs. That goes along with what queer activism has been doing, pushing the boundaries, which is why JQ is relevant and so important.” 

- Bill Deliman Scott Minkow

JQ Inspiration Award

“I always go to Abraham. That’s part of our core story, sitting at an open tent in the heat of the day, welcoming people that might not be welcome otherwise. There wouldn’t be a Jewish story if he had not done that. JQ helps open tents, open doors, open hearts, open minds.”  

- Rabbi Eli Herscher, Senior Rabbi Emeritus Wise Temple

JQ Community Leadership Award

If you would like to learn more about what JQ has been up to, please enjoy our new 5-minute promotional video!

To view our 2021 JQ Virtual Impact Awards, please visit our landing page, where you can watch the full program in it’s entirety on YouTube, read and download our Program and Tribute Book, and visit our online Silent Auction, which ends Wednesday, February 24 at 5pm PT. 

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