JQ International’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy Statement

JQ International is an organization that supports, celebrates, and teaches the importance of Jewish LGBTQ+ inclusive messages and actions. We recognize the parallel responsibility to make our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion clear and explicit. We seek to break down walls and increase understanding and compassion for all who wish to join our community or utilize our support services. 

We embrace the multiracial and multiethnic identities within our Jewish, LGBTQ+, and ally community and celebrate our unique voices. We as an organization strive to foster a community that embraces and celebrates its diversity. We intentionally create opportunities for individuals to be heard and respected. We expect all of our leadership, volunteers, and professionals to be welcoming, supportive, and embracing of all diversity. 

JQ’s leadership and staff, organizational policies and communications, and program content will not tolerate hate speech, calls for violence or harm, or discrimination against individuals based on their identities whether in person, online, or on social media. This includes Jews of color, interfaith relationships, age, ability, denomination, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, relationship status, family structure, race, ethnicity, Jewish literacy, religion, immigration status, nationality, level of observance, education, economic status, socio-economic status, employment, and political affiliations.

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion means that we acknowledge that this work will require ongoing reflection, action, and adaptation. As we encounter new perspectives and gain new insights, we will update this document as a “living” and evolving policy. 

Programs Involving Minors

To ensure the creation and maintenance of a safe space for all individuals attending JQ sponsored programs, JQ would like to clearly state all privacy and reporting guidelines for all events where minors shall be present.

Ensuring privacy is of the upmost importance for JQ. When possible JQ staff will seek to uphold the privacy of individuals participating in organization programming.  When dealing with the privacy of minors, JQ staff will consult with the legal guardian of a minor when appropriate. 

We appreciate the need for privacy, both in dealing with people and in keeping secure records.  A number of laws govern our programming, and JQ staff will need to contact someone else and possibly report any situations where they have any reasonable suspicion of child abuse, which can include physical, sexual, emotional abuse, and/or neglect; if any member is going to kill himself/herself or someone else; and if any member is under 16 and having sex with someone 21 years or older or if any member is under 14 and having sex with someone 14 years or older.

Should a situation require further consultation or a breach of confidentiality, JQ staffs are required to notify JQ administrators and the JQ program director. The situation will then be brought to the attention of the appropriate legal guardians.  

Photo Release Agreement

When attending JQ sponsored events, JQ seeks permission to use and re-use, publish and re-publish, and modify or alter the image(s) taken during events. Use of the Images for editorial, commercial, trade, advertising, and any other purpose may be done in any medium now existing or subsequently developed on the JQ International website and on the Internet, and worldwide in perpetuity for the purposes stated above. By attending a JQ event, you release and discharge JQ International from any and all claims arising out of use of the Images for the purposes described above, including any claims for libel, invasion of privacy, or other tortious act.

If event attendee does not agree to the above statement, when possible, JQ will provide said attendee with a special sticker to wear for the photographer to know not to take their photo, and/or for JQ to know not to use their image for marketing purposes. It is up to the responsibility of the attendee to notify JQ when these circumstances arise.

Helpline Privacy Statement

JQ offers programs and services to LGBTQ+ Jews and allies through this website, jqinternational.org, and helpline services over the phone, email, and through text. While engaging with this website, you may be asked to provide personally identifiable information. While utilizing the Helpline, we collect information that you provide and the phone number or email address from which you contact us. Data is stored in a confidential database that only JQ staff members and approved volunteers can access. 

We may use your information to provide and improve our services, contact you, respond to your requests, and provide anonymous reporting internally or for funding/donation purposes. When you initiate contact with the Helpline through text, email, call, or intake form, you opt in to receiving messages from the JQ Helpline. You can opt out of receiving messages from JQ Helpline or JQ International by texting or emailing “STOP” or “unsubscribe.” 

If you contact the Helpline and indicate that a minor, dependent adult, or edler has or is currently experiencing abuse or neglect, we may have to report this to the appropriate authority or agency. If you disclose information that we believe places an individual at imminent risk for death or harm, we may have to report this information as well. Unless required by law, we will not disclose your personal information to other individuals or parties without your permission.