JQ’s Persian Pride Programming is one of the only programs in the world specifically designed for LGBTQ+ Persian Jews and the broader Persian Jewish community.

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JQ’s Persian Pride Fellowship

Why It’s Important 

Torn between progressive American values and the tightly conservative principles that guided life in Iran, Persians and first-generation Persian-Americans have long felt a strong resistance to cultural change, notably so on the topic of LGBTQ identity. As the United States has moved toward greater inclusion through the legalization of same-sex marriage, and while the broader American community has worked towards greater awareness and inclusion of their LGBTQ members, the Persian community has, until very recently, fiercely resisted. The JQ Persian Pride Fellowship is one initiative that will dynamically change this narrative in Los Angeles and beyond, for present and future generations. 


What We Created

A 9-month leadership development fellowship for LGBTQ & ally Persians to gain the skills, resources, knowledge, leadership, and inspiration with which to directly impact LGBTQ inclusion, education, and equality in the Persian community at large. The fellowship will include 6-months of hands-on experiential learning with a variety of educators ranging in expertise from queer history to community organizing, and leadership to effective activism and advocacy. After an initial half-year of learning, each fellow will be expected to build out a project, event, or offering that is inspired by their fellowship experience and that helps develop education, greater awareness, acceptance, and/or appreciation for LGBTQ Persian individuals and community. 

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