Dear Friends,

At JQ’s annual Rosh Hashanah Shabbat, I had an opportunity to reflect with the JQ family on who we are as a community and the transformative work we do together every day. What I heard over and over again from our community is that JQ is a force. JQ has truly changed the landscape of our Jewish community forever. We’ve built a community that continues to grow and ensures everyone a seat at the table; a place our community can call home; a home open to all.

Thank you to those who joined us!

I can’t help myself — I’m kvelling and filled with a sense of gratitude. Together we have accomplished unprecedented levels of impact as a community organization — dynamic and immersive programming, leadership development, lifesaving support services, and community-wide education. JQ reaches thousands of people each year, a goal we only dreamed of a few years back. Given our accomplishments, JQ’s passion for cutting edge programming needs to be reflected in our logo, website, and everything else create and put out into the universe.

After many months collaborating with key stakeholders, organizational strategists, and marketing gurus, JQ has built a new strategic plan and reimagined its brand presence. We are taking the best of who we are and fusing it with a brand new look, vision, and mission. We enter a new year with greater clarity and direction. Through this revelatory process, we learned so much about ourselves, what we mean to the community, and the lives forever changed by our work.

Our new mission…

JQ celebrates the lives of LGBTQ+ Jews and their allies by transforming Jewish communities, and ensuring inclusion through education, support, and identity-enrichment.

Our new vision…

JQ envisions a world where all LGBTQ+ Jews feel a strong sense of self, pride, and community – a place where LGBTQ+ Jews and their allies are supported by communities that embrace their needs and celebrate their unique gifts.

Adopted by JQ’s Board of Governors, the mission and vision statements truly speak to the heart of what drives our community’s leadership and what guides every aspect of the work we do.

Our new logo is full of vibrant life and color. If you look closely, you’ll see that the J and Q fill the missing space in the Jewish star — in much the same way that JQ works hard to close the gap and promote greater inclusion of LGBTQ+ community members. JQ represents that special place for so many who want to experience the best parts of their LGBTQ+ and Jewish identities together — integrated and whole. Thanks to JQ and its successes, the star is complete.

 Today we roll out our new and improved website with greater functionality and a streamlined look, to be further developed over the coming weeks. Join us as we enter a new era of this organization’s outreach and impact together!

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 L’shanah tovah tikatevu v’tichatemu,